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The questioning of authority plays an important role in Self-Discovery

My prompt is “The questioning of authority is an important part of self-discovery” This relates to me from when I was younger and I really wanted an Xbox. Originally they said no, but I kept questioning their decision and eventually got it, even though it took about a year to get it, but it was worth the wait.

This prompt relates to “Bend It like Beckham” when Jessminder was always questioning her parents’ decision on not playing soccer, and she got her wish in the end but just like my experience, if she didn’t keep questioning her parents, she wouldn’t have gotten her wish.

The song that relates to this is Question Authority by the Circle Jerks, just look at the lyrics: question authority
have they the right to say how it should be?
Should one man be able to write it all down?
when half the time he can’t tell right from wrong

Question authority
another man’s law is not right for me
another lie to bleed my sympathy
another time there will be no pity

Is this what you want to see?
Is this the way you want things to be?

Question authority
I’ll pay the price the future belongs to me
this is the time
this is the hour
the world’s our dowry
the glory and the power

Is this what you want to see?
Is this the way you want things to be?
Things to be, things to be
question authority

A novel that relates to this prompt is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The main character (Greg) is always wanting something his mother doesn’t like and/or disagree with. Even though Greg always questions his mother’s authority and opinion, he hardly ever gets what he wants, but when he does, he discovers that he can get what he wants.

So in conclusion, questioning authority DOES play an important role in self-discovery, because if you don’t you will always crawl into your shell when your shy or scared to stand up to authority.


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