My opinion on destiny

I do believe in destiny because sometimes there are things that are meant to happen. For example, karma, if you do something mean to someone, eventually it will come back to you; it mightn’t be from the same person you were mean to, but it will come back to you. A good example is at […]

Cultural Traditions

One tradition my family takes place in is a ball/dinner dance. It is a celebration of a village and is usually held at a reception. There is a ball for each and every village, my family and I attend about 3 yearly, one for my dad’s parents, one for my mum’s and one for my […]

The questioning of authority plays an important role in Self-Discovery

My prompt is “The questioning of authority is an important part of self-discovery” This relates to me from when I was younger and I really wanted an Xbox. Originally they said no, but I kept questioning their decision and eventually got it, even though it took about a year to get it, but it was […]


Self is all about you, the decisions you make and the things you do make up the person you grow up to be. 


Discovery is finding something new and/or unknown. Discovering something new isn’t always good, for example, if you discover that your parents are planning to give you away, that’s not the best thing to have discovered.

One character I…

One character I can relate to is Martin Prince, from The Simpsons comics because when I was in primary school I was more intelligent than most other kids (I don’t mean to brag about myself) and used big words when I spoke and was teased about it, just like Martin. Fortunately, I never got bashed […]

The song I can relate to

The song I can relate to is “I made it” by Kevin Rudolph, Lil’ Wayne, Birdman and Jay Sean. Below are the lyrics. [Intro – Birdman]YeahCash money heroesPrivate jetsPolish, fly! [Chorus – Kevin Rudolf]I look up to the skyand now the world is mineI’ve known it all my lifeI made it, I made it!I used […]